Drastic Changes In Drug Laws

Alaska recently made drastic changes to the way the law views drug crimes. This reform has changed the charging and sentencing of drug related arrests. What were once felonies are now misdemeanors? However, there are still long reaching affects of these charges. Being charged with possession, distribution or use of an illegal drug can affect:

  • Student loans
  • Federal student aid eligibility
  • Employment opportunities
  • Future harsher sentencing

Being convicted of drug trafficking, heroin trafficking, use or intent to sell especially a felony count, can cause you to be terminated from your job, can prevent you from receiving federal education aid, and block you from working in certain professions, such as working in a school district or for a union or trucking company.

While marijuana has been dropped other drugs, such as heroin which carry felony charges have infiltrated Alaskan cities and bush villages. The number and severity for these charges is on the rise.

Alcohol And Serious Charges

While legal in most areas, alcohol importation into rural areas and dry communities can garner serious charges. What must be asked in the court is why were you stopped in the first place, did the police have the necessary warrants to search your car or vehicle and were all of your rights and legal protocol followed. If not there is a good chance that charges can be negotiated or even dropped.

If you are facing drug related charges do not miss an opportunity to have your rights protected by an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands Alaska state laws and the Anchorage courts.

At Law Office of Joshua P. Fink, LLC, in Anchorage we aggressively defend criminal cases and skillfully negotiate fair plea bargains for drug offenses. Let our lawyer work with you to level the playing field against zealous prosecutors. For a free consultation to discuss your case or the case of a loved one in Alaska email us now or call 907-274-0493 (toll free 800-657-1136).