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3 abusive habits that may precede domestic violence

Alaska is a beautiful place, known for its enticing scenery and charm. There is, unfortunately, an uglier side of the state, however. According to the Juneau Empire, 58 percent of Alaskan women have been victims of sexual or intimate partner violence.

While such a statistic is startling, it illuminates the need for greater awareness. Abusive behaviors may precede domestic violence in some cases. By watching out for these behaviors, it may be possible to identify cases before they go too far.

1. Insults and verbal abuse

Everybody says something they regret from time to time, but partners who make a habit out of degrading you are engaging in abuse. Whether they are insulting your appearance or making vague threats, these actions have no place in a healthy relationship. It is important to recognize that such actions will typically only worsen over time if left unaddressed.

2. Temper and rage

Going from a calm zero to an enraged 100 with little explanation is another symptom of abuse within a relationship. Emotional volatility and lashing out are indications of a temper that has become a serious problem. Even if you have anger issues, you should never let take it out on your partner. Indulging in such heated interactions paves the way for worse abuses later on, and in some cases, it qualifies as domestic abuse in and of itself.

3. Isolation and controlling

Healthy partnerships are built on trust and understanding. An abusive partnership, conversely, is often typified by one partner’s attempts to isolate and control the other. If reading texts and emails without permission is a regular occurrence, it is time to reconsider whether the dynamics of the partnership are healthy. Controlling behavior like this is a sign of insecurity and attempts to guilt and manipulate.

Abusive relationships are not always easily identified, but avoiding habits like these can prevent escalation to domestic violence. If you have been involved in such a situation, contact an attorney for legal counsel.

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