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Alaska’s DUI laws among US’s toughest

A DUI conviction is never a good thing no matter which state you live in. Yet, there are some states that treat drunk driving especially harsh. Among those states with the least-forgiving DUI laws is Alaska. A 2017 study ranked Alaska as the state with the third-harshest drunk driving laws in the country. Only Georgia and Arizona ranked higher.

What makes Alaskas DUI laws so harsh?

The study factored in the basics of each state’s DUI punishments, including jail time, fines, license revocations and the like. Even first-time offenders face severe consequences, including:

  • A minimum of 72 hours in jail.
  • $1,500 fine.
  • Six-months ignition interlock device.
  • Loss of driving privileges for 90 days.

In addition, Alaska law requires first-time offenders to pay money for each day that you spend in jail. It seems that the law wants to send you a message the first time to prevent you from offending again. A second offense costs you nearly $5,000 in fines and imprisonment fees, plus losing your license for one year.

What’s worse is that after your second DUI conviction, you could face felony charges for any subsequent conviction. Continued convictions will not only cost you money and your freedom, but a felony charge for a third-time conviction could lead to mandatory ignition interlock on your vehicle for 60 months. That means having to take a breathalyzer each time you start year vehicle for five years.

Arrange for a ride home in advance

It’s a good idea not to test your luck with Alaska’s DUI laws. If you already have one DUI conviction in Alaska, repeat offenses could affect your financial and professional future. You should call a friend or Lyft if you’re in need of a ride home after drinking. Don’t take any chances.