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Domestic violence: “facts” sometimes complex, controversial

Proven Alaskan criminal defense attorneys know that domestic violence cases often pose distinct challenges that sometimes obscure the truth regarding “what really happened.”

It is not hard to understand why. Alleged acts of violence cut to the core of family intimacy. Incidents that give rise to misunderstanding are often layered in complexity that plays out over time. Things are seldom simple or clearly pointing one way.

And suppressed feelings can erupt in dramatic ways. We duly note that on our website at the established Anchorage criminal defense Law Office of Joshua P. Fink. We stress therein that heated spats can easily spur differing accounts of the facts and that “antagonistic arguments between couples cause emotions to rise.”

That can make for materially heightened complexity when a home-based incident comes before judicial scrutiny.

Advocacy at our long-tenured law firm does not judge the diverse and valued clients who seek knowledgeable and effective representation when forced to defend against domestic abuse allegations. Every individual accused of criminal conduct in Alaska is constitutionally entitled to a legal defense. The maxim “innocent unless proven guilty” is a critically important principle that must be upheld to ensure justice.

There is this, too: Although some domestic violence cases might reasonably seem to be cut-and-dried affairs, many others sadly involve false or exaggerated claims. Those are often advanced by parties seeking some personal advantage, such as child custody rights in a family law matter.

The potential downsides of a criminal conviction for domestic abuse can be truly dire. They include jail time, loss of custody, the inability to return home, a stained criminal record, forfeiture of the right to own a firearm and additional penalties.

We welcome contacts to our firm from individuals having questions or concerns regarding this specialized legal topic. Taking timely and proactive action following an accusation of domestic violence is the necessary first step toward successfully defending against it.