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Teens and drunk driving charges

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2019 | DUI

At the Law Office of Joshua P. Fink, LLC, we recognize that there are many different factors that influence drunk driving cases and cause them to arise in the first place. This is especially true for young drivers, such as teens who are subjected to peer pressure and who face DUI charges due to zero-tolerance laws. Across Alaska, many teens have found themselves in this position and it can absolutely destroy their lives and adversely impact their future. For example, a teen with a DUI on his or her record may face challenges as they pursue a college education or a particular career path.

There are many different explanations as to why so many teens are charged with DUI. Sometimes, teens drink at a party that they feel socially obligated to attend, and they may not realize that even a tiny amount of alcohol in their system could turn their lives upside down if they are pulled over. In fact, a teen may fail a breathalyzer test because they used a mouthwash that contained alcohol, which is especially likely to lead to charges as a result of zero-tolerance laws.

On top of these issues, the rights of young drivers are not always respected and many teens who are pulled over may not realize that their rights were violated during the stop. A lot of factors can play a role in the outcome of a DUI case, and it is imperative for teens and the parents of teen drivers who are facing DUI charges to develop a comprehensive understanding of legal strategies on the table.