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These careers could benefit from DUI defense

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2019 | DUI

In Anchorage, and throughout Alaska, the law is tough on drunk driving. DUI convictions may also come with extralegal consequences, especially in the professional realm. Practitioners of certain careers may want to seriously consider mounting a stringent DUI defense.

Those who work with children, handle confidential information or operate vehicles often have the most to lose. However, anyone could potentially benefit from defending against a DUI charge.

Commercial drivers have special licenses and are subject to more stringent laws than are noncommercial operators. According to the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles, a CDL is necessary for the following types of vehicles and transport activities:

  • 16-plus-passenger vehicles
  • Over 26,000 pounds of combined tractor-trailer weight
  • Hazardous material transportation

Given these conditions, it is no surprise that a DUI could negatively affect a career in this field. In fact, drivers —especially owner-operators who have invested significantly in their rigs — should weigh the potential consequences of any traffic violation charge carefully.

Criminal convictions also have the potential to affect job prospects in various other fields. One common example is teaching, or any other job that requires workers to interact with children. For example, as outlined in the Anchorage School District’s code of ethics reference sheet, educators may not continue in their jobs or seek positions with the district if they engage in the consumption of alcohol such that threatens the safety of students or colleagues.

Codes of ethics and DMV regulations may seem abstract, but these rules have the potential to become a real force in the lives of those convicted of DUI. As mentioned above, Alaska has some of the toughest laws around when it comes to operating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. An equally tough defense is often required.