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How much does an Alaska DUI raise auto insurance?

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2020 | DUI

An Alaska drunk driving conviction often means steep fines, jail time, ignition interlock device requirements and license revocation, among other penalties, and you should expect your bank account to take a hit in the aftermath. In addition to paying fees related to driving under the influence, you may also have to finance alternative methods of transportation. You should also plan on seeing your auto insurance rates rise substantially once you have a DUI in your driving history.

How much of an increase in auto insurance might you see after an Alaska DUI?

An almost 50% increase

After an Alaska DUI, anticipate your car insurance premiums increasing by about 46% a year. Without a DUI, the average Alaska motorist has to shell out about $1,246 a year for full automotive insurance coverage. With one DUI, this figure increases to $1,813, amounting to an annual difference of $567.

Non-renewal and cancellation risks

While paying a good bit more for car insurance may be a challenge, you may also find it challenging to find an insurer in the first place once you have a DUI. In some cases, your current insurer may decide not to renew your policy, or to cancel it entirely. Conversely, your current insurer may decide to keep you on, but it may offer you a far less favorable rate when doing so.

You may also find that if you shop other providers, there is substantial variation as far as the rates they offer you. So, you may want to check with several different providers to see which one makes you the best offer.