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How does Anchorage define assault?

Assault generally means an intentional act that puts someone else in reasonable fear that he or she faces imminent bodily harm or offensive contact, whether or not that harm or contact actually occurs.

Each state and municipality has its own laws setting forth precisely which actions constitute assault in its own jurisdiction.

Anchorage assault

The Anchorage Municipal Code lists the following five types of conduct that constitute assault in this city:

  1. You recklessly cause physical harm to someone eise.
  2. You negligently cause physical injury to someone else by your use of a dangerous instrument.
  3. You recklessly utter words or engage in other conduct that places someone else in fear of imminent physical injury.
  4. You recklessly utter words or engage in other conduct that places one of your family members in reasonable fear of imminent death or physical injury to himself or herself or to someone else.
  5. You do any of the above to a law enforcement officer, firefighter, paramedic or animal control officer while such person is performing his or her official duties.

Assault examples

You can face assault charges for any number of acts, including the following:

  • Threatening to hit or kill someone
  • Pointing a gun, knife or another weapon at someone
  • Swinging your fist at someone, even if you miss
  • Throwing an object at someone
  • Engaging in a bar fight or brawl


If an Anchorage judge or jury convicts you of assault, this represents a class A misdemeanor. You face penalties of a jail sentence of up to one year and a fine of up to $10,000.