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Penalties for a domestic violence conviction in Alaska

Domestic violence laws vary between states. Because domestic abuse cases are so prevalent in Alaska, the statute has expanded its definition of what constitutes the crime. Beyond physical and emotional violence against a domestic partner, the definition includes harassment, terrorist threats and criminal trespass, among many other things.

According to 2021 statistics in the World Population Review, Alaska has more domestic violence cases than any other state in the country.

Gun ownership

A domestic violence conviction may make it illegal for the defendant to own a gun, even if the charges against them were not a felony. Violation of a restraining order can carry the same penalty, particularly if the gun was part of the domestic assault.

Child custody

In Alaska, the court may choose not to award legal or physical custody to a parent facing accusations of committing either two or more acts of domestic violence or causing serious injuries in a single act. According to the statute, this holds true even if the police did not intervene in the incident.

Domestic violence restraining order

A restraining order to protect a petitioner’s safety also imposes many limitations upon the respondent. These may include preventing access to the home, even if the respondent is the property owner. A protective order may also prevent harassment, stalking, and threatening behavior in addition to staying away from the petitioner’s home or place of work.

The penalties for domestic violence in Alaska are severe and intended to act as a deterrent to this type of crime.