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How do you find housing with a felony?

You face felony charges and want to prepare for a worst-case scenario. After all, you cannot put your search for housing on hold while waiting to see how your case turns out.

SFGate offers tips for finding an apartment when you have a felony. Criminal charges need not bar you from securing housing.

Work with owners rather than management companies

You could have better luck finding an apartment if you narrow your search to properties operated by owners rather than management companies. Larger complexes usually run background checks and have policies that could bar you from becoming a resident. Owner-operated properties may not run background checks. Even if they do, you could have better luck when explaining your circumstances.

Do not lie

No matter what size property you apply to, do not lie about your felony charge. If you lie on your application, you could give the landlord grounds to reject you immediately.

Let your community help you

Alaska could have community resources that help felons secure housing and get their lives back on track.

Complete the entire rental application

Fill out the entire rental application. Record or not, landlords want tenants who behave themselves, pay rent on time and take care of their unit. Gather all your references, save up your security deposit and first month’s rent, and prepare proof of income. You may want to include a letter with your application that explains your criminal charges. Detail what you learned from the experience and the steps you take to reclaim your life.

Just as you have legal options to address your felony charges, you also have housing options. Do not let a lack of information keep you from moving forward in life.