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How a police report can help your DUI case

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2022 | DUI

The penalties you face for an accusation of driving under the influence in Alaska can be steep. The case against you might even be more severe than the offense warrants.

The police report that officers file upon a DUI arrest contains information that can help you build the defense you deserve.

What information will you find in the police report?

A DUI police report provides many relevant details that might be useful as evidence in court. This includes results for your sobriety test, breath test and any blood or urine tests that occur. The officer involved in the arrest will also write a narrative of events, which will entail the circumstances that led to the officer stopping you initially. This information can help your defense attorney prepare a solid case and minimize the DUI penalties that you might receive.

How can you obtain a police report?

Obtaining a police report is fairly easy, though there may be a fee involved. The simplest method is to request the document at the police station where the report is on file. The Municipality of Anchorage also provides a request form that you can submit through the mail or online. If complications arise when trying to obtain the police report, your attorney can step in to advocate for your right to see the document.

Prioritizing an informed defense is the most important step in protecting your interests following an arrest. Your legal counsel can help you understand how best to use the tools at your disposal throughout the case.