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Is there a connection between PTSD and domestic violence?

Many military service members experience traumatic events that lead to the development of post-traumatic stress disorder. This is a psychiatric disorder that stems from a person’s failure to recover from taking part in a traumatic event or being a witness to one.

There are many symptoms of PTSD that show up in an individual’s life and these behaviors have a serious impact on friends and family. Unfortunately, the stress of combat and the strain of PTSD might lead to an increased occurrence of domestic violence within the home.

Aggression that will not subside

The horrors of war and combat are traumatic and can change the way an individual views the world. Adrenaline and terror-filled responses to stressors often develop into aggression towards a partner or spouse. It does not matter if an individual is an active-duty military personnel or a veteran. Instinctive responses to situations fueled by training and experience are often unintended opportunities for domestic violence.

Opportunities to find healing

Many choose to stay in a relationship given the fallout from reporting an incident. Military members facing charges of abuse see their careers destroyed and benefits lost. For those who understand the impact PTSD is having on a partner or spouse, seeking counseling and support could address both parties’ needs. Always prioritize the safety of everyone in the home when dealing with abusive relationships.

Healing from PTSD is a lengthy process and there is much at stake for those who suffer from the condition. While not an excuse for domestic violence, it could help explain the change in behaviors.