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Serious consequences of a misdemeanor DUI conviction

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2022 | DUI

A misdemeanor charge or conviction can seem like a minor offense. In Alaska, though, a DUI conviction that does not rise to the felony level still carries a long list of negative consequences.

These penalties could impact a person’s bank account, his or her vocation and his or her freedom.

Mandatory penalties

In an informational pamphlet, the Alaska Court System summarizes the penalties for DUI violations in the state. Many violations fall under the misdemeanor category and carry an assortment of mandatory penalties. A misdemeanor sentence must include these punitive measures:

  • A jail or monitoring sentence
  • A fine that starts with a minimum of $1,500
  • A license revocation of at least 90 days
  • An order to pay for the cost of imprisonment
  • The need to use an interlock ignition device

Penalties such as fine amounts and jail time increase for repeat offenders, becoming progressively more severe with each offense. Additional penalties can apply to those operating a commercial vehicle, such as the prohibition of driving a commercial vehicle. Those found guilty of a DUI will also have to complete a drug or alcohol treatment program as required by a state agency.

Discretionary penalties

The courts also have the power to tack on additional punitive measures. These often come in the form of requiring the individual to pay for the cost of any property damage related to an accident. The courts could also require the convicted person to take a driver improvement course and to engage in community service.

Other discretionary penalties include a probation period, the loss of a vehicle and the requirement to take medication to discourage alcohol consumption. No matter the eventual sentence, a misdemeanor DUI violation has significant repercussions.