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Why is your partner lying about domestic abuse?

Even though you love your partner, he or she sometimes does things that make little or no sense to you. While some of these things are minor, others can have significant and lifelong consequences. Making false accusations of domestic abuse certainly falls into the ladder category. While most victims of domestic violence are credible, many others lie about their partner’s conduct.

In fact, according to the Center for Prosecution Integrity, about 11% of men and 8% of women in the U.S. have been victims of false allegations of domestic violence. Because abuse claims are quite serious, you may wonder why anyone would lie about domestic violence.

Family law matters

It is not uncommon for spouses and domestic partners to encounter family law issues during the course of their relationships. If your partner wants to make you look bad during a child custody dispute or divorce, he or she may falsely accuse you of domestic violence.


Society does not look fondly at those who abuse their spouses or domestic partners. If your partner wants sympathy or attention from friends and family members, he or she can probably get it by lying about abuse.


If your partner believes you have wronged him or her in some way, he or she may want to get even. Moreover, your partner may want to see you suffer. Because accusing you of domestic violence is likely to land you in handcuffs, making a false abuse claim can be the ultimate form of punishment.

Regardless of your partner’s rationale for labeling you a domestic abuser, his or her lies are likely to come with some serious consequences for you. Ultimately, to protect your freedom, reputation and happiness, you must be ready to fight any fake domestic violence allegations aggressively.