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Dealing with a DUI when you drive for a living

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2022 | DUI

DUI charges in Alaska come with potentially hefty penalties in the event of a conviction. Though most people worry about their freedom, others may be concerned about their livelihood.

For people with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or someone with responsibility for the company vehicle, a DUI conviction could put their entire job at risk.

What is a limited license?

The Alaska Court System talks about a petition for a limited license. This is a possibility for anyone facing a misdemeanor DUI conviction. The court will access a driver’s records, their criminal record, if one exists, and whether or not the person has ever attended substance abuse programs before in order to determine a potential rate of recidivism.

For those approved for a limited license, they can operate motor vehicles specifically to maintain their livelihood and for work situations. Violating any of the terms of the limited license will immediately be met with serious consequences, including losing the limited license.

Getting your license reinstated

Of course, most people want their original license reinstated, too. To do that, the person must meet all of the requirements and conditions set by the court. This might include serving community service time or attending substance abuse programs.

Showing an effort to turn a new leaf after a DUI charge and proving genuine intent to change both go a long way in proving to the court that a person can be trusted with their license again. Thus, a person should not give up hope even if they are in a situation where their license is at risk.