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What is the financial toll of a DUI?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | DUI

You could face numerous potential penalties in the aftermath of a DUI conviction. However, most people focus on things like the potential time in jail or the aftermath.

A big area of concern is the potential financial toll, though. Getting a DUI on record is a huge financial loss in the making.

The average cost of a first-time DUI

Alaska Department of Administration’s Division of Motor Vehicles discusses the consequences of DUI-related crimes. They also break down the rough cost of a person’s first-time DUI. Factoring in all possible expenses, including fees, court costs, sentencing, fines, vehicle impound fees and more, a person can expect to pay an average of $24,265.

This also includes costs such as attorney fees, the costs to maintain and install breath analysis devices, and SR22 insurance, which you can only receive after you regain your ability to drive.

Attending DMV administrative hearings and changing your plea also all result in fees, which are smaller but stack up very quickly. On top of that, most people do not even know to expect these fees.

Comparing the cost alternatives

In comparison, it costs much less for a person to get a ride if they are under the influence. Taxis typically cost around $2 per mile in Alaska. Even a limousine costs around $1,000 for 7 hours of use, which may seem extravagant but is still a huge deal less than a person would pay after a DUI conviction.

When facing a DUI charge, it is important to understand all of the ways that the consequences can stack up and change your life. This will help you treat it like the serious issue it is.