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Insurance goes up almost 50% after a first-time Alaska DUI

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2023 | DUI

When an Alaska law enforcement official stops your car and suspects you might have been drinking, he or she may have you take a breath test. If the results of that breath test lead to a conviction for driving under the influence, it may wind up costing you a significant amount of money.

Per, insurance rates rise after a conviction for drunk driving, regardless of what state you live in. However, the state you live in does play a key role in determining exactly how much of an increase you should expect.

How much insurance rates go up

If your Alaska driving record is similar to that of the typical Alaska motorist, then you might pay around $1,246 each year to insure yourself while driving. However, once you have a first-time DUI, you might see that annual premium increase by about 46%. So, after the rate hike, you are looking at paying closer to $1,813 for car insurance each year, which is a $567 annual difference.

How to shop for the lowest possible rate

Your current automotive insurance provider may use a much different formula to decide how high your premiums should be than other insurance providers. Because rate estimates vary so much from one insurer to the next, particularly when it comes to drivers with drunk driving arrests in their driving histories, you should always get several quotes before deciding which company to have insure you.

When looking for rate quotes, you may also find that some insurance providers are not open to insuring you when you have a DUI arrest in the past.