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The impacts of domestic violence on children

Many individuals who are victims of domestic violence find the strength to leave because of their children. While it is common for the abuser to not harm the kids, witnessing the abuse can lead to issues for them.

Growing up in a domestic violence situation can lead children to problems as they get older, including increasing their chances of becoming a victim or becoming an abuser.

Mental and emotional impacts are long-lasting

Seeing abuse in the home can cause kids to develop anxiety. They may also be afraid and jumpy. They could also become more prone to acting out violently or lead to bullying behavior. Some kids will become emotionally fragile. They may cry easily or react oddly to stress.

Physical impacts may arise

The stress and strain of the abuse may also cause a child to regress in their behaviors. They may start having bathroom accidents or behave like they are a baby. They might develop a stutter. Some kids have a tendency to become sick more often.

Behavioral impacts could cause further issues

Older children often begin acting out due to the strain of the situation. They may skip school or start doing badly on their schoolwork. Some kids may turn to drugs or alcohol or begin practicing unsafe sexual habits. They may turn to crime as well.

While domestic violence may not mean a child is directly a victim, just witnessing this situation can cause a lot of harm. It can lead to serious problems that plague the child for the rest of his or her life.