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Does domestic violence affect your gun rights?

A domestic violence conviction can have multiple serious consequences. You may face jail time, loss of reputation, loss of employment and other obstacles.

Domestic violence convictions can also impact your right to possess firearms.

State and federal law

Alaska does not have any state laws that prevent people with a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction from possessing or purchasing firearms or ammunition. However, federal law makes it illegal for anyone with a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction from purchasing or possessing firearms and ammunition.

Federal law also makes it illegal for people who are under certain domestic violence protective orders to purchase or possess firearms.

Restoration of gun rights

The loss of gun rights due to a domestic violence conviction does not expire. The only way to restore your gun rights is to obtain a pardon from the Governor of Alaska or the President of the United States. If you lost your gun rights because of a protective order, the terms of that order determine whether you can restore your rights.

Penalties for illegally purchasing firearms

A domestic violence conviction will usually cause you to fail a background check to purchase a firearm. Additionally, shipping, transporting or receiving ammunition or firearms after receiving a domestic violence conviction can result in felony charges.

If you receive a felony conviction, you may face a penalty of up to 10 years in prison and up to a $100,000 fine.

Once you lose your gun rights due to a domestic violence conviction, it is difficult to get them back. The best way to avoid losing your gun rights is to avoid a conviction.