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Do Not Face Your Assault Charge Alone

An assault or battery charge can intimidate you into taking a plea. Whether it was a bar fight or an altercation over who is the toughest, you may be facing high fines and jail time. You should protect your innocence with a solid criminal defense.

Protect your freedom and your rights with our legal team at The Law Office of Joshua P. Fink, LLC. We work diligently for people in Anchorage and throughout Alaska who face criminal charges. With more than two decades of experience, you can rely on our knowledge of the complex legal system when we guide you. Our attorney provides 24-hour accessible one-on-one legal counsel. Trust us to provide an aggressive defense for your assault or any other violent crime.

The Potential Consequences For An Assault Conviction

There are many instances in which you can find yourself facing an assault charge. Cases range from bar fights over sports teams to altercations involving a dangerous instrument. No matter your situation, there are serious penalties for a conviction. No case is the same and depending on various factors your assault charge can be:

  • Assault in the first degree (most serious felony)
  • Assault in the second degree (felony)
  • Assault in the third degree (felony)
  • Assault in the fourth degree (misdemeanor)

The penalties you may face in a conviction include:

  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Restitution
  • Incarceration

It is in your best interest to prepare a defense with an experienced lawyer. Allow us to protect your innocence and advocate for your rights.

Our Skilled Criminal Defense Begins With A Free Consultation

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