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Domestic Violence

In domestic violence cases there is much more at stake than just being charged with assault. Here in Alaska domestic violence carries a terrible stigma and a domestic violence conviction can not only result in jail time and a criminal record, but also affect your rights as a parent and property owner. In addition to criminal penalties, a protective order could force you to give up custody of your children, pay support to your spouse/partner and prohibit you from going to your home for weeks. You could also lose your right to own a firearm and to hunt.

At The Law Office of Joshua P. Fink, LLC, we are committed to protecting the rights of the people of Anchorage, including those charged with domestic violence.

We Can Help You Face Your Charges

Many cases involving alleged domestic violence arise out of heated disagreements where there can be differing accounts of the facts. Antagonistic arguments between couples cause emotions to rise. Those emotions can distort and exaggerate the retelling of what actually happened. Sometimes intense, personal arguments cause people to make false claims, especially in cases where there are no third-party witnesses.

We will fight to help you avoid a criminal conviction because we will:

  • Look for evidence that you acted in self-defense
  • Pursue options if the alleged victim recants or wishes to drop charges
  • Negotiate with prosecutors for a fair plea bargain
  • Try your case and seek an acquittal by a jury

Your Right To Having A Gun And Domestic Violence

Having a gun in Alaska is similar to having water in the desert. There are areas where survival depends on it. In fact, having a gun in America is constitutional guarantee. However, the legal atmosphere in Alaska can appear slanted steeply against those who are charged with domestic violence especially if that charge in any way involves a firearm. Some of these measures may be unconstitutional.

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