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Challenge The State With A Solid Defense

If you are facing a theft charge, it is in your best interest to prepare your defense. Most cases require the state to prove intent, which can be difficult. Especially in cases where people have forgotten to pay for the one item at the bottom of their grocery cart or in cases involving someone with no criminal history. Work with our experienced lawyer to effectively fight for your innocence and seek the dismissal of your case.

At The Law Office of Joshua P. Fink, LLC, we provide thorough and aggressive legal defense for our clients. We will provide you with high-level service as we work diligently to assert your rights. We understand your concerns, and we will stay in touch with you throughout your case with one-on-one support. With 24-hour access to our attorney, we will guide you through the complex legal system in regard to your theft charge.

Will I Go To Jail For A Theft Charge?

In Alaska, the value of the property determines the classification of the theft charge. Your theft charge can range from a misdemeanor fourth-degree theft to grand larceny. The classification will be:

  • Fourth degree for property valued under $50
  • Third degree for property valued between $50 and $500
  • Second degree for property valued between $500 and $25,000
  • First degree for property valued at more than $25,000

Embezzlement, shoplifting and credit card fraud are common types of theft.

Technologically Advanced Theft Has Other Penalties

Conviction for using an access device in theft can result in more severe penalties. A theft charge involving an access device is classified as a:

  • Class B felony for property or service valued at $25,000
  • Class C felony for property or services valued between $50 and $25,000
  • Class A misdemeanor for property or service valued at less than $50

Other than property value, there are additional factors that affect sentencing. Such as criminal history, surrounding circumstances and the strength of your defense. Our attorney has more than two decades of experience building solid defenses for those who face criminal charges.

Skilled Defense Attorney In Anchorage

It is in your best interest to prepare yourself for a fight. In our complex legal system, your theft charge can result in penalties, fines and a shattered reputation. Avoid lifelong consequences with a solid defense, contact our aggressive attorney for your free consultation. Call our Anchorage office at 800-657-1136 or you can contact us by email.

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