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Drunk Driving Charges

The biggest mistake is not calling an attorney in the minutes after an arrest. The second biggest mistake is not contacting an attorney any time after those minutes.

In Alaska, even a small fender bump can be considered assault because here a vehicle is considered a weapon. Not being able to drive can affect your work, family and business. Losing a commercial license because of an OUI conviction can put you and your family in peril.

Why Hire An Attorney?

Our legal system provides for certain safeguards and protocols in order to help the police convict the guilty and protect the innocent from wrongful imprisonment. However, this system works best when you have a firm grasp and understanding of:

  • Your rights
  • Evidence collection requirements
  • Warrants
  • Exceptions and exclusions
  • Long-term effects of charges
  • Recent supreme court decisions

The Fourth Amendment Is On Your Side

The fourth amendment protects us from unlawful searches and seizures. If evidence has been collected in a manner that violates our constitutional guarantees that evidence cannot be used. Recent supreme court decisions have changed what types of evidence (including breath and blood) the police may and may not collect and the charges that can be levied should a driver refuse to be searched, tested or have personal specimens collected.

Each Case Is Different. Each Situation Requires A Different Defense.

Our attorney has nearly two decades of experience in the Alaska courts and with DUI/OUI. He knows the system, the people in the system and how those making crucial decisions view criminal charges. Joshua P. Fink is here to help.

Whether you’ve never faced the criminal justice system before or you’re being charged with a repeat OUI offense, we’re ready to fight on your behalf. Call our Anchorage office at 800-657-1136 or send an email for a free consultation to discuss your case with our attorney. Military discounts, free consultations, major credit cards accepted. Available 24/7.