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A criminal accusation can be scary, and the criminal justice system relentless and unforgiving. What’s worse — just one conviction can have negative, often lifelong consequences.

The Law Office of Joshua P. Fink, LLC, offers aggressive criminal defense representation to those in Anchorage and across Alaska who are facing criminal charges. We also represent victims of motor vehicle accidents who need to secure full and fair compensation for their injuries. When you need a trusted advocate in the courtroom, we apply our legal insight and knowledge of the local court system to ensure that your voice is heard and you are treated fairly under the law.

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Drunk Driving Charges
Drunk Driving
Criminal Defense

Guiding You Through The Local Court System

Few lawyers have the level of experience and court process understanding of attorney Josh Fink. From clerking in the Supreme Court to serving as deputy magistrate and presiding over cases to his years at one of Anchorage’s top personal injury firms, Joshua P. Fink will bring all of his know-how to secure the results you need in your case.

Your Future May Be On The Line

Whether you are arrested for drunk driving, caught stealing property, accused of domestic assault or are the victim of a serious car accident, the outcome of your case could have a lasting impact on your life. Our law firm will walk you through all your options and help you put your best foot forward, working toward a solution that protects your rights and minimizes the negative impact your case may have on your future.

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We are here to serve you. We offer free consultations where we will listen to your case and work with you one-on-one to establish the facts and create your best defense.

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