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Many drunk drivers are arrested nearby the Alaska State Fair

The Alaska State Fair ran from August 22 to Sept. 3 this year. Many who attended this year's event won't remember eating their first elephant ear, taking a ride on the Ferris wheel or catching their favorite singer on stage though. They'll instead remember being arrested for driving under the influence.

It's during the nearly two weeks that the fair was in town here in Anchorage that law enforcement agencies stepped up their patrol of the area in and around the fairgrounds. They arrested 12 individuals for drunk driving along Glenn Highway during just the first five days of the fair. This is more than six times the two-per-week average police generally see in that same area.

What is an “administrative license action” in an Alaska DUI?

While many in Anchorage speak Spanish, Mandarin, German or Arabic or some other language in addition to English, few are fluent in the sometimes confusing legalese. The dictionary defines legalese as “the formal and technical language of legal documents that is often hard to understand.”

One example of a phrase that is not immediately understood can be found on the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles website: administrative license action. The DMV says that if you’re “arrested for a DUI you would face criminal prosecution and administrative license action.” The state agency says it “must revoke or disqualify” your driver’s license if you’re arrested for drunk driving or drugged driving.

What is criminal "assault" in Alaska, and what are its penalties?

Many Alaskan residents in Anchorage and elsewhere might reasonably find state law regarding criminal assault to be a bit baffling.

One in-depth overview of criminal assault in Alaska duly notes why that might be the case. It underscores that Alaskan statutory law addressing assault crimes and penalties is replete with complex definitions. Moreover, Alaska's sentencing laws are "complicated," and "numerous defenses apply to charges of assault."

A night out could lead to disorderly conduct charges

Many people like to go out with their friends on the weekend or for a special occasion just to let off some steam and have a good time. Though nights at home can certainly be enjoyable, you and many others want to get out of the house in order to relax.

Unfortunately, if your relaxation involves consuming alcohol and certain actions go a little too far, your relaxing night out could turn into a serious predicament. For instance, you could face accusations of disorderly conduct if people around feel that you are causing problems for others.

Domestic violence: “facts” sometimes complex, controversial

Proven Alaskan criminal defense attorneys know that domestic violence cases often pose distinct challenges that sometimes obscure the truth regarding “what really happened.”

It is not hard to understand why. Alleged acts of violence cut to the core of family intimacy. Incidents that give rise to misunderstanding are often layered in complexity that plays out over time. Things are seldom simple or clearly pointing one way.

Alaska's DUI laws among US's toughest

A DUI conviction is never a good thing no matter which state you live in. Yet, there are some states that treat drunk driving especially harsh. Among those states with the least-forgiving DUI laws is Alaska. A 2017 study ranked Alaska as the state with the third-harshest drunk driving laws in the country. Only Georgia and Arizona ranked higher.

What makes Alaska's DUI laws so harsh?

What is an ignition interlock device?

A DUI charge and conviction can leave individuals facing several penalties, both legal and personal. Even the first offense could lead to criminal charges, jail time and serious fines. On top of that, the local government could suspend or revoke their driving privileges.

However, the consequences of a DUI do not stop there. Under Alaska law, many individuals convicted of a DUI must have an ignition interlock device in their car for a period after the conviction.

Theft: Misdemeanor or felony?

When Alaska police charged you with a crime, you undoubtedly wanted to start defending your innocence. While this step can take place in due time, it is important to remember that one of the best ways to defend yourself when facing criminal charges is to present a meaningful defense during your trial.

When it comes to building a meaningful defense, it is vital that you understand the charges that officers have brought against you. If you do not know the exact allegations you face, you may not understand exactly how to defend against them. For instance, if authorities charge you with theft, you need to know whether you face a misdemeanor or felony charge.

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