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How does drunk driving affect your college life?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2021 | DUI

College students often feel invincible, especially when young. Many do not take their first DUI charge seriously because of that. On the other hand, some will spiral into enormous panics without even thinking to contact legal help.

The best way to handle a DUI charge is by staying informed. How does it impact you? What are your chances of facing conviction? And how does a DUI affect your college life in general?

Exemptions for expulsion

The College Investor takes a look at the impact of DUIs on your time in college. This is an often overlooked aspect of facing a DUI conviction. Most people focus on the potential of fines and time in jail, which are also key factors. But they are not the only penalties you may face.

A college is not likely to expel a student for a single DUI conviction. There are exemptions, though. Most revolve around additional crimes, such as driving with a minor or driving with another student. Injuries to other students or damage to school property may also result in expulsion.

Financial repercussions

You are much more likely to face a big financial hit. For example, if you received a scholarship or a grant from the school, you will likely lose this support. This often happens because the school does not want the association of giving someone with a DUI conviction a financial reward.

They may even ban you from utilizing on-campus housing. This means you have to pay for city living, transport and more. It can price you out of attendance easily. This is one of the reasons why you should take DUI charges seriously and seek legal help from the start.