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You can still face marijuana charges in Alaska

Alaska legalized recreational marijuana back in 2015. This made it one of the first states to do so. Many other states have followed suit in the decade since, but Alaska has always been on the forefront of this movement, along with states like Colorado and Washington. 

That said, legalization does not mean you can’t face any marijuana charges. It’s still very important to know how the new recreational laws work so that you don’t face any serious accusations. Here are two things to keep in mind.

Sales are still restricted

For one thing, only authorized retail locations and dispensaries can sell marijuana products. Just because sales are legal for recreational use doesn’t mean anyone can sell these items. People who grow and sell marijuana on their own, or those who buy from dispensaries and then resell those products to third parties, could still face legal ramifications. Additionally, sales are only authorized to those who are 21 years old and older, just like with alcohol.

You can’t travel outside of the state

Another thing to remember is that Alaska’s marijuana laws only apply within the state. If you fly out of Alaska, you are then subject to the state laws when you land. Alaskan marijuana products may still be illegal there. Additionally, you can’t fly with marijuana because crossing state lines makes it a federal issue, and the federal government still bans the use of recreational marijuana products.

If you have been arrested and you’re facing drug charges, they can have a major impact on your future, so you need to know what legal options you have.