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2 errors you must avoid if you’re facing domestic violence charges

Domestic violence cases can move fast. Courts can quickly issue orders for one party to stay away from the other and, perhaps, the house they share. They do this because sometimes, failing to take immediate action could result in one party inflicting serious harm on the other. Unfortunately, for those who are wrongly accused, it can mean they are unfairly penalized.

If someone accuses you of domestic violence, it’s crucial to understand what to do next. Getting it wrong could make a difficult situation even more difficult for you.

Do not try to contact the alleged victim or any witnesses

Trying to contact an alleged victim or witness puts you at risk of further accusations – this time for intimidation and for (potentially) breaching a no-contact order that a court has likely put in place. Even if the accuser wants to halt the process, it’s usually only the prosecution that can make this happen.

Do not air your grievances on social media

Posting about what happened or about the other party is unwise. Others may be monitoring your posts for something to use against you. Seeing posts from someone else about you could also be a problem, as it may trigger you to reply, so it’s better to turn off your social media altogether until you can resolve your case.

It’s not easy to remain calm and think straight if you’ve been accused of domestic violence, and that could lead you to make crucial mistakes. Getting appropriate legal guidance can help you avoid errors and decide how best to deal with the situation.