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Understanding the correlation between anger and violence

On Behalf of | May 5, 2021 | Firm News

Explaining violence and irrational response to emotions is something that many people cannot do. Especially if specific influences in their life have compromised their understanding of controlling their emotions.

Even though charging someone with domestic violence may seem like a way to potentially stop violent behavior, it may only prolong or worsen a situation. People who understand and acknowledge the root problem may have more success in changing their behavior and taking control of their future.

Anger drives violence

While there are lots of reasons why someone may react violently to a situation, loss of control and anger top the list. According to Psychology Today, anger is a precursor to many behaviors including abuse, murder, property destruction and other violent crimes.

Often, perpetrators of violent behavior may not even realize how their choices affect those around them. Their actions can bring personal consequences too. Prolonged and intense anger can deteriorate both mental and physical health. For example, incessant anger can cloud judgment, impair decision-making, jeopardize cardiac health, cause relationship problems and contribute to substance abuse tendencies.

Control maintains rationale

People who can overcome anger with self-control can more effectively maintain perspective and rationale when faced with stressors. An anger management course can provide educational resources for participants to learn more about handling anger, conflict and stress in ways that will not compromise the safety of themselves and others.

Outside of formal intervention, people with violent tendencies will need the support of their family and friends as they set new personal goals and commit to change. The Mayo Clinic suggests the people implement physical activity and exercise to help manage anger. Staying active can minimize stress which may reduce anger.