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What are the impacts of a DUI conviction after jail?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2023 | DUI

When dealing with a DUI conviction, most people focus solely on the short-term impacts. Jail time and enormous fines do have a big impact on a person’s life, after all.

However, this is not where the impacts will end. Unfortunately, one DUI conviction can go on to severely impact a person’s life for years to come.


BACtrack discusses the impacts of a DUI conviction after jail. First, it may change where a person can live. Though it is illegal for landlords to discriminate based solely on a person’s criminal history, that does not mean they cannot favor other potential applicants first. In a cutthroat field of high competition, available units will often go to the people with no criminal record first.


It also affects job prospects. Many fields of employment will close off to people with a DUI on record. This includes jobs that work with children, such as teachers. It also includes government workers, anyone who needs a commercial driver’s license like bus drivers, and any position with an emphasis on operating machinery.


Related to that, a person may lose their license for a period of time. During this suspension, it is harder to get a job due to not having reliable transportation. Some may have to stop driving due to the increased car insurance premiums they will face.

Together, these factors can seriously impact the overall quality of a person’s life well after they get out of jail for a DUI. It is yet another reason to take DUI charges seriously.