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A DUI felony conviction can affect your personal liberties

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2020 | DUI

In the state of Alaska, a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol falls into two categories: a misdemeanor or a felony. 

Both are serious and can affect many aspects of your life going forward. A felony conviction, however, can affect personal liberties you take for granted. 

A look at penalties

If law enforcement pulls you over on suspicion of drunk driving, a chain of events takes place beginning with testing to gauge the blood alcohol concentration level in your system. Penalties for a first DUI charge start with fines and the suspension of your driving privileges. Other administrative penalties can include mandatory attendance in the state’s Alcohol Safety Action Program and installation of an ignition interlock device in any vehicle you operate. Penalties increase with successive DUI convictions and with a third such conviction, you are looking at a class C felony. This comes with a minimum fine of $10,000 and imprisonment with a minimum of 120 days. 

Your future with a felony conviction

A felony on your record will affect your future in a number of ways. Finding a good job may be difficult. You may not qualify for the certification or state licensing required for certain professions, including work as a driver, teacher or doctor. A felony will prevent you from enjoying certain personal liberties, such as voting, obtaining a passport or owning a firearm. In addition, you will not qualify for federal assistance, such as procuring federal housing. 

Best outcome 

Despite the issues that accompany a class C felony charge, building a successful defense strategy includes protecting your rights. The goals you have for your future are on the line and you will want to focus on the best outcome possible for your case.