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4 misconceptions about domestic violence charges

People who are facing a charge for domestic violence may have some general idea about the significance of the charges and what the adjudicatory process will be like. In fact, some of what people think they know about this area of the law may come from misconceptions.

Learning about how these charges affect people and how Alaskan courts hear cases can be eye-opening. Here are some common misconceptions about criminal charges of domestic violence.

1. Domestic violence is very uncommon

Abuse affects a surprisingly high number of Alaskan families. Last year, there was a dramatic increase in calls for help with domestic violence.

2. Only women are victims

Both men and women may be victims of domestic violence. In some instances, men have waited to report abuse until the situation escalates or puts their lives in danger.

3. Intoxication is a defense

Being under the influence of alcohol is not a defense to an assault. If a person claims that he or she may have been violent but does not remember due to overindulgence, it does not mitigate the seriousness of the charges.

4. An altercation is not domestic violence unless someone sustains a serious injury

Not all domestic violence involves severe bodily injury. Even if a person requires very little medical treatment or none at all, it is possible that he or she has been a victim.

People need to respond to an arrest for domestic violence with a strong legal defense. Preparing testimony and evidence may make it possible to overcome these serious charges.