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False domestic violence allegations and child visitation

If your child’s other parent has accused you of domestic violence, it is pivotal to realize how these allegations could impact your relationship with your child. In fact, they could affect your ability to secure visitation rights, and some parents wrongly accuse their ex of abuse in order to prevent them from spending time with the child.

In the wake of domestic violence charges, you need to familiarize yourself with how courts handle these allegations and the potential repercussions of an unfavorable outcome in court.

Visitation arrangements and domestic violence

According to the Alaska Court System, domestic violence accusations can interfere with a parent’s ability to secure visitation rights. Parents found guilty of domestic violence do not always get visitation rights, unless they satisfy certain criteria, such as finishing a substance abuse treatment program or a batterer’s intervention program.

During divorce, a judge could inquire about domestic violence, and a parent could lose their visitation rights even if they never faced criminal charges and there was never a protective order in place.

Domestic violence, parenting plans and a child’s best interests

Courts examine many factors when working toward an outcome that serves a child’s best interests. If they find evidence that domestic violence took place, or determine that a parent’s contact with his or her child could endanger the child’s safety, this could prevent a parent from having visitation.

Unfortunately, you could face these serious challenges even if you never carried out any form of domestic violence due to your child’s other parent lying in court. Make sure you handle domestic violence allegations carefully, not only to safeguard your relationship with your child but to protect your future as well.